Hi! I'm Cass, and my goal here is simple:

To help local business owners increase revenues and reduce expenses through cost-effective online marketing.

As an independent consultant for more than two decades, I helped many owners of local businesses set up and/or improve their Internet presence.

From strategy to implementation, from registering domains to building websites, from writing content to setting up marketing automation systems, you would think I've done it all.

But the Internet is a growing, evolving beast. Each day brings a new technology, a fresh innovation, a more difficult challenge -- and another confused business owner. 

It was in this ever-changing online environment that I perceived a need, and an opportunity to reach a wider audience.

I still help local business owners with their online marketing, but now I do it by blogging here, posting on Facebook, and publishing a monthly newsletter.

Here are my latest posts. If you find them useful, please share, and come by regularly.​

It’s the Customer, Stupid
What was the marketing lesson from the presidential campaign of 2016? Let’s review. Hillary Clinton’s main marketing message, or campaign slogan, was, “I’m with Her.” Donald Trump’s main marketing message was “Make America Great Again.” The Clinton campaign focused their message on their candidate.
You know I’m looking out for you, right? I just got an email this morning about a newly discovered vulnerability in the code that runs more than half the sites on the Interwebs. This pertains specifically to Wordpress sites, but ANY website that uses PHP scripting is potentially vulnerable.
How do you like THAT?
Quick and easy one today, and I think you’ll “Like” it. I assume you post on your Facebook page. I assume you HAVE a Facebook page? OK, if you have a page, and you publish stuff on it, you probably, almost certainly, get a number of “Likes” on your posts. If you have a particularly good post, maybe

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