How do you like THAT?

Quick and easy one today, and I think you’ll “Like” it. 

I assume you post on your Facebook page. 

I assume you HAVE a Facebook page?

OK, if you have a page, and you publish stuff on it, you probably, almost certainly, get a number of “Likes” on your posts.

If you have a particularly good post, maybe it’s attracted a LOT of Likes.

If you HAVE had a particularly good post that’s gotten a lot of Likes, maybe you’ve “boosted” it and gotten it EVEN MORE Likes.

Here’s the thing, though — Post Likes don’t matter as much as Page Likes. You want people to come back to your PAGE on a regular basis, NOT any one post.

So it’s better to have Page Likes, and the best way to increase your Page Likes is to turn your Post Likers into Page Likers.

How do you do that? Simple.

Assuming you’re logged into Facebook as your Page’s admin, go to your Page and bring up a post with some Likes.

Under the post you’ll see the “Thumb’s Up” icon, and next to that, who and how many people Liked the post. It might say, for example,  “John Smith and 24 others.”

That is actually a link that, when clicked, gives you a pop-up screen with a list of all those people — everyone who Liked that post. 

The title of this popup screen is “Invite to Like YourPageName.”

Corresponding to each person’s name is a button that says “Invite.”

Click the button next to a person’s name and they’ll see a Facebook notification to come back to your Page and Like it.

Pretty nifty, eh?

It makes sense that if they liked one post, they’ll probably like another one in the future. So make it a habit to “Invite” every person who likes any of your posts.

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Talk soon,

Cass Tyson