About Cass Tyson

I’ll be brief.

I started young as a writer, editor, and desktop publisher. When the web came along, I became a web developer, consultant, and business development specialist. I’ve started three companies and played a role in a few other start-ups.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart. I love the written word. I’m drawn to technology, an in particular, the intersection of communication and technology that is the Internet.

Mostly I enjoy helping people.

In the business world, what I’ve always enjoyed most was helping people understand Internet technology, and leverage it to drive sales, increase revenues, and reduce costs.

In late 2016 I decided to move away from consulting and do something that can help many business owners at one time. Something that takes me back to my roots of writing, editing, desktop publishing. Something that allows me to explore my passion of Internet technology and business communications.

I call it The Internet Examiner.

It’s a monthly print newsletter that covers a multitude of topics  related to Internet marketing, written expressly for the owners of small, local businesses.

The tagline is “Online Marketing Intelligence for Local Business Owners.”

It’s a paid subscription, and available only by mail, although subscribers also get email updates about hot trends and urgent security issues.

If a print publication about digital media sounds weird to you, well, tell that to the publishers of Wired Magazine. Wired, of course, is supported by ads. The Examiner accepts no advertising, hence the subscription model.

To help even more people, I publish daily online marketing tips, distributed by email, 100% free. I hope you’ll consider joining my mailing list. The form is somewhere around here…

That’s it about me and my current project. Tell me about you. What brings you here? How can I help you? Please, feel free to ask me anything via my contact page.

I’m here to help. Just ask.