How do you like THAT?

Quick and easy one today, and I think you’ll “Like” it. 

I assume you post on your Facebook page. 

I assume you HAVE a Facebook page?

OK, if you have a page, and you publish stuff on it, you probably, almost certainly, get a number of “Likes” on your posts.

If you have a particularly good post, maybe it’s attracted a LOT of Likes.

If you HAVE had a particularly good post that’s gotten a lot of Likes, maybe you’ve “boosted” it and gotten it EVEN MORE Likes.

Here’s the thing, though — Post Likes don’t matter as much as Page Likes. You want people to come back to your PAGE on a regular basis, NOT any one post.

So it’s better to have Page Likes, and the best way to increase your Page Likes is to turn your Post Likers into Page Likers.

How do you do that? Simple.

Assuming you’re logged into Facebook as your Page’s admin, go to your Page and bring up a post with some Likes.

Under the post you’ll see the “Thumb’s Up” icon, and next to that, who and how many people Liked the post. It might say, for example,  “John Smith and 24 others.”

That is actually a link that, when clicked, gives you a pop-up screen with a list of all those people — everyone who Liked that post. 

The title of this popup screen is “Invite to Like YourPageName.”

Corresponding to each person’s name is a button that says “Invite.”

Click the button next to a person’s name and they’ll see a Facebook notification to come back to your Page and Like it.

Pretty nifty, eh?

It makes sense that if they liked one post, they’ll probably like another one in the future. So make it a habit to “Invite” every person who likes any of your posts.

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Cass Tyson

Absolutely CrAzY Marketing Strategy For 2017!

There’s a new “lazy client getting” strategy being promoted out on FaceSpace.

No, no, it’s not a strategy to get lazy clients —  it’s a strategy to get clients if you’re lazy.

I kid you not, people are actually charging money for the “details” on how to be lazy and still get clients, using nothing but Facebook.

What’s really crazy is I’m going to tell you how to do it right here, right now, for nuthin.

Ready? Here it is:

1) Have a blog. Post some stuff once in a while about your specialty.

2) Join one or more Facebook groups where your clients/customers hang out.

3) Participate in those groups. Offer helpful advice when people ask questions you can answer.

4) Be sure your FB profile links to your blog, so when people like your advice, and click on your profile, they can then click through to your website, where, one assumes, they can find out who you are, what you do, and of course, how to buy from you.

Pretty radical, huh?

Also known as “Common Sense Marketing 101.”

Try it yourself, see if it works.

It will, but you DO have to put some work in. It’s for lazy marketers, not do-nothing marketers. 🙂

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Stupid easy

Really quick tip today, but one you might say is so obvious, it’s stupid easy.

Yet hardly anyone ever does it.

Print this out and pin to the bulletin board near your desk, and do it tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that!

You ready for this?

If you’ve gotten a positive review recently, whether on Google My Business, Yelp, or even in a letter — post it on your Facebook page and then boost that sucker.

Why does this work?

1) It’s a positive review of your product, service, or company in general. This is the kind of thing YOU want out there, but it’s also the kind of thing your prospects want to know about you. They want proof that other people like your stuff.

2) It’s written by a customer, someone who isn’t associated with your business. People trust third party opinions more than they will ever believe anything you write about yourself.

3) You’re putting it on Facebook, where it’s easy to find, like, and share. And people will do just that.

Don’t edit it, post it verbatim. Link to the actual review so people can click through and read it for themselves, or if it came by mail, scan it in and post the image of the letter.

Boost your post with $10 or $20, and see if you don’t get some shares, or even another positive review.

If that happens, rinse and repeat.

Oh, and tweet your post, too. Like, duh!

Social sells. Know it. Use it.

Live it!

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Guy spends $4,500 on Facebook ads, has nothing to show for it

Unfortunately, it’s not that unusual.

It’s drop dead easy to rack up huge fees with Facebook advertising. Heck, with ANY pay-per-click online advertising.

Facebook LOVES to take your money. But when it comes to results?

No promises there. None at all.

So a guy I know, after spending about $500 running Facebook ads himself — which netted him exactly ZERO customers — bought some “goo-roo’s” pitch about managing his FB ads for him.

For the low, low, fee of ONLY:  $1,000 a month!

He gave it three months.

He paid this guy three grand.

AND shelled out another $1,000 or so on the ad clicks themselves.

How many new customers did he get, letting an “expert” do it for him?

Exactly three.

One. A. Month.

Now before you say, “Hey Cass, three customers is three customers. So it’s not like he got NOTHING out of it!”

Yeah, before you say that, let me tell you this — this guy’s revenue from new customers doesn’t come anywhere CLOSE to $1,300.

And he gets between 10 and 20 new customers just walking in every month anyway, just from where he is (a strip mall), word of mouth, and a little bit of print marketing he’s already doing.

So if he had done NO FB advertising at all, he would have three fewer customers, but he’d still have $4,500 he could put toward other things.

Like maybe a new sign. Or a direct mail piece. Or LOTS of other things.

Things almost GUARANTEED to bring in more than 3 measly customers.

But you know what really stinks? What really chafes my khakis?

With the way his web presence was setup, NOBODY on Earth could have produced more than three new customers for him using Facebook.

In fact, when I took a look at what he was doing, I was shocked he even got those three!

But the “expert” should have known this.

The “expert” should have told him he needed to fix some stuff before he ran those ads.

Before he shelled out all that cash.

Don’t let this kind of thing happen to you. Don’t hire a Facebook “expert” unless he knows what he’s doing.

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Cass Tyson

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