Stupid easy

Really quick tip today, but one you might say is so obvious, it’s stupid easy.

Yet hardly anyone ever does it.

Print this out and pin to the bulletin board near your desk, and do it tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that!

You ready for this?

If you’ve gotten a positive review recently, whether on Google My Business, Yelp, or even in a letter — post it on your Facebook page and then boost that sucker.

Why does this work?

1) It’s a positive review of your product, service, or company in general. This is the kind of thing YOU want out there, but it’s also the kind of thing your prospects want to know about you. They want proof that other people like your stuff.

2) It’s written by a customer, someone who isn’t associated with your business. People trust third party opinions more than they will ever believe anything you write about yourself.

3) You’re putting it on Facebook, where it’s easy to find, like, and share. And people will do just that.

Don’t edit it, post it verbatim. Link to the actual review so people can click through and read it for themselves, or if it came by mail, scan it in and post the image of the letter.

Boost your post with $10 or $20, and see if you don’t get some shares, or even another positive review.

If that happens, rinse and repeat.

Oh, and tweet your post, too. Like, duh!

Social sells. Know it. Use it.

Live it!

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