Guy spends $4,500 on Facebook ads, has nothing to show for it

Unfortunately, it’s not that unusual.

It’s drop dead easy to rack up huge fees with Facebook advertising. Heck, with ANY pay-per-click online advertising.

Facebook LOVES to take your money. But when it comes to results?

No promises there. None at all.

So a guy I know, after spending about $500 running Facebook ads himself — which netted him exactly ZERO customers — bought some “goo-roo’s” pitch about managing his FB ads for him.

For the low, low, fee of ONLY:  $1,000 a month!

He gave it three months.

He paid this guy three grand.

AND shelled out another $1,000 or so on the ad clicks themselves.

How many new customers did he get, letting an “expert” do it for him?

Exactly three.

One. A. Month.

Now before you say, “Hey Cass, three customers is three customers. So it’s not like he got NOTHING out of it!”

Yeah, before you say that, let me tell you this — this guy’s revenue from new customers doesn’t come anywhere CLOSE to $1,300.

And he gets between 10 and 20 new customers just walking in every month anyway, just from where he is (a strip mall), word of mouth, and a little bit of print marketing he’s already doing.

So if he had done NO FB advertising at all, he would have three fewer customers, but he’d still have $4,500 he could put toward other things.

Like maybe a new sign. Or a direct mail piece. Or LOTS of other things.

Things almost GUARANTEED to bring in more than 3 measly customers.

But you know what really stinks? What really chafes my khakis?

With the way his web presence was setup, NOBODY on Earth could have produced more than three new customers for him using Facebook.

In fact, when I took a look at what he was doing, I was shocked he even got those three!

But the “expert” should have known this.

The “expert” should have told him he needed to fix some stuff before he ran those ads.

Before he shelled out all that cash.

Don’t let this kind of thing happen to you. Don’t hire a Facebook “expert” unless he knows what he’s doing.

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Cass Tyson

The Internet Examiner

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